Story 6B (End) - Four! Hole in One or You'll Be Done.

Part 2 of 2 and the concluding episode of "Get a Hole in One or You'll Be Done!"

Meet Sara Rushmore, a seemingly typical sophomore at Wallbarber High, who is about to dive headfirst into an extraordinary labyrinth of concealed secrets. It all begins with a fateful encounter with Eugene Hunt, the enigmatic mastermind behind the unconventional Mystery Mentors club. Little does Sara know, this chance meeting will catapult her into an unexpected adventure that could alter the course of history itself.

Set against the backdrop of the serene town of Wallbarber, cloaked in its own veil of mysteries, Sara confronts the typical challenges of high school life, family dynamics, and a most unusual friendship. However, as she stumbles upon the tantalizing clues that suggest the vanished class of 2005 holds the key to a world-altering revelation, Sara's ordinary existence takes a thrilling and extraordinary turn. Hold onto your seats as the secrets of Wallbarber High are about to be unveiled in an adrenaline-pumping quest for friendship and purpose.

If you're a fan of Goosebumps, R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike or other spooky kids story authors give this original and family friendly take a listen.

Step into the unsettling world of "Mister Eerie's Mystery Series," a podcast that'll have your heart racing and imagination soaring!
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Story 6B (End) -  Four! Hole in One or You'll Be Done.
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