Story 10 (Full) Knock-Knock! Shave and a Hair-Raising Cut. Halloween #3

On a Halloween night like no other, young Gwendoline discovers that homework isn't the only thing that can go awry. When an unexpected visitor – with mysterious intentions – arrives at her door, she's whisked into an unexpected Halloween party with filled with unusual challenges. Can Gwendoline summon her courage, wit, and some unusual lessons from the classroom to save Halloween and prevent kid's rooms across the world from being overrun? Dive into a tale where magic mingles with everyday life and uncover the true spirit of being a kid on All Hallows' Eve. 

Also on this episode go "Behind the Eerie" with Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series, writer and creator Aaron Robbins. After the story join us for an exclusive Question and Answer session where Aaron talks about the making of the show and the scariest thing that he's ever experienced on Halloween, his first Haunted House and getting his bag snatch in middle school. 

If you're a fan of Goosebumps, R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike or other spooky kids story authors give this original and family friendly take a listen.

Step into the unsettling world of "Mister Eerie's Mystery Series," a podcast that'll have your heart racing and imagination soaring!


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Story 10 (Full) Knock-Knock! Shave and a Hair-Raising Cut. Halloween #3
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